Requesting a Mask?

The Corvallis Sewing Brigade coordinates mask requests through Benton County's Emergency Operations Center.  You can request a mask using the "I Have a Need" button on their website: 

Sewing Our Masks:



What Pattern to Use:

In collaboration with the Emergency Operations Center and the health-care providers we're serving, we have developed two mask patterns (below).  If you're sewing for the Brigade, please stick to those.  If you're sewing for your own friends and family you can deviate all you want!  

We have a need for all mask types so please work from the Brigade pattern you prefer and can produce in volume!

We are asking that everyone sewing for the Brigade:

  • Use only 100% tight weave cotton (like you would make a dress shirt from)
  • Wash the fabric before sewing
  • Use NO: flannel, glue, fusible interfacing, wire
  • Make each SIDE of the mask unique (not necessarily light/dark, just different) so if someone takes the mask off for some reason, they can tell which side was against their face! This is SUPER IMPORTANT folks :)


If you have the right materials in your stash, you are welcome to sew from your own supplies.  We also have donated supplies available for your use on Brigade masks.  There are even pre-cut pattern pieces and ties pre-made by our sergers!  These are available in the carport at the Hub: 1333 NW 17th Street, Corvallis, 97330.  

If you have extra supplies to donate, please drop them at the Hub.  Thank you!

More on picking up and dropping off materials and completed masks. 

Finished Masks?

Completed masks can be dropped at the Hub (1333 NW 17th Street, Corvallis).  


Option #1 The simple pleated mask, no pocket for filter " (easy on, easy off elastic or serged ties) 7.5" x 9

  •  Beginner/Simple to do with either elastic or ties (or bias tape).
  • These are for everyone else and are for quick change, quick use, can be washed and sterilized.
  • Elastic is great and quick (easy on, easy off - good for many applications) may be a problem for some people (latex allergies etc) so ties are good too for these, but all masks will be used and people with latex allergies can use the tie masks for sure!
  • These masks go to hospice, the youth shelter, adult health/foster care etc as well as to the hospital to be used by family and non surgical staff.
  • We need TONS of these!


Option #2 The pleated pocketed mask (filter ready) 7"x11" - variable sizes included in pattern

  • Intermediate to Advanced skill (with ties mainly, not elastic because these are meant to have .3 micron filters in them making them equivalent to an N95 mask. 
  • To be used for people who have tested positive or may be around positive patients.
  • Our pattern will hold a filter inside the pocket or it will cover a manufactured N95 mask.
  • Sizes for Children and people with beards also included
  • We need a ton of these too!


Easy-Beginner  Pattern                                                                  Intermediate Pattern

Option #1 - Simple Pleated Mask with Elastic Loops or ties BEGINNER Pattern (7.5x9) (pdf)


Option # 2 - 3 piece Mask With Filter Pocket and TIES 7x11 INTERMEDIATE (pdf)


Other Team Faves

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