Gowns Are Our Biggest Need


Are you able to help?

We need volunteers who sew at an advanced level, and are capable of following a detailed pattern carefully.  

Gown Patterns

Please work from the approved patterns only - no deviations on this important PPE! 

Stay Informed

The gown team coordinates their efforts through a Facebook group.  Search for Corvallis PPE Gowns & Gear Brigade and join us! 

Gown Central

Gown materials (drop off & pick up) are running through a separate location than the masks - just trying to keep confusion to a minimum!  You can pick up gown kits and drop off completed gowns under the tent at 2920 NW Circle Blvd in Corvallis.  

About PPE Gowns


  • Do not deviate from the patterns or materials asked for in our instructions. 
  • This is not clothing, it is not comfort.
  • We are working on approved patterns and materials specifically designed to protect our workers.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact an admin on our facebook page Corvallis Gowns and Gear Brigade for clarification. 



Both of these files are for the Gowns. One is the instruction sheet and the other is the step-by-step of the same pattern.

PPE Gown Step by Step with photos Corvallis PPE Gowns and Gear Brigade (pdf)


PPE Housewrap Gowns Instruction Sheet Corvallis PPE Gowns and Gear Brigade (pdf)